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Join us for our eleventh year of Spargelfest! Ten days: May 25 – June 3, 2018


The Germans go crazy for asparagus (spargel) this time of year. There - as here - asparagus is a sure sign of spring... or, as the Germans say, asparagus is the "Joy of Spring."

Towns all over southwestern Germany celebrate the first asparagus of the year by eating as much of it as they possibly can. Asparagus is served in all the restaurants and people buy it from every market. The town of Schwetzingen, not far from Mannheim where owner Erich Christ grew up, celebrates with a Spargelfest every year.

Taking a page from the Old Country, in late May, the Black Forest Inn will devote a special menu to asparagus though we use green asparagus and Europeans generally serve white asparagus)! We'll serve fresh, local asparagus in as many delicious ways as we can think of (at least ten). If you aren't an asparagus lover already, you will be at Spargelfest!

After all these years of Spargelfest, we've come up with more than fifty different asparagus dishes, each one as tasty as the last. We always bring back a few favorites and the most traditional one, but once again this year we will have a few new items as well. Prepare yourself, we like to push asparagus to its limit! We will roast it, purée it, deep fry it, shred it, pickle it, smoke it and infuse vodka with it. It's like the Iron Chef but the secret ingredient is always asparagus!

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Win a Thanksgiving CSA from the Hmong American Farmers Association! A one-time delivery the week of Thanksgiving gets you all the farm fresh vegetables you'll need for your holiday meal. CSA features vegetables such as sweet potatoes, Yukon, red, and fingerling potatoes, carrots, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, lemongrass, sage, and thyme. Think of how carefree your summer will be, knowing you have a harvest feast waiting for you on Thanksgiving. Entries taken throughout Spargelfest. Prize winner will be drawn on June 4. Various drop off locations in the Twin Cities.

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We are pleased to serve the freshest possible asparagus. In our northerly region, asparagus isn't ready to harvest until mid to late May. Our green asparagus is brought to us fresh off the farms by the Southeast Minnesota Food Network, a collaborative effort to change the way southeast Minnesota purchases and consumes food. The participating farms operate under guiding principles of sustainability, land stewardship and fair prices. Most of our asparagus will come from Prairie Hollow Farm, though some may come from neighboring farms as well.

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Southeast Minnesota Food Network

Friday, May 25, 2018
Live Music! Alphorns! The Matterhorn Trio plays from 6:00 – 7:30pm
Live Music! Mark Stillman on accordion! from 7:30 – 9:45pm
Sample Utepils Springbock - a Maibock style beer. Maibock goes great with asparagus!

The Black Forest Inn will be closed Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day

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