Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

If you haven't been to the Black Forest Inn, you haven't been to Minneapolis!

Each day since May 15, 1965, we have dedicated ourselves to serving you a special selection of foods inspired by the German kitchen. By preparing these foods right here with fresh ingredients—including our own bratwurst, spaetzel, breads and pastries—we are able to offer you well-made dishes at the best possible price.

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Friday, July 18th – Sunday, July 27th
Wine samplers! Featured wines! Food specials! Prizes!

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Every Friday at 5:00
A rotating cast including veal heart, tongue, & kidneys; beef liver & marrow; oxtails, chicken livers, liver dumplings, & sweetbreads! $6.00/plate

Winner of countless awards for authentic, handmade German and European meals and outdoor dining. Favorites include Wiener Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Spaetzel and, of course, Black Forest Cherry Torte.

Located in the heart of Eat Street—only a short hike from downtown Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Children's Theatre—we have been privileged to serve a wide variety of people from all walks of life. We thank you for your patronage and we hope to have the honor of welcoming you back often.