Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

2019 Banquet Menu

Download our Banquet Menu (.pdf)

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our banquet and meeting space to you. The Festsaal is adjacent to the Black Forest Inn and its lovely outdoor garden, a favorite of locals and visitors for over 42 years. Your group can enjoy its own private space overlooking the garden for breakfast, luncheon or dinner parties. We are pleased to offer many exciting options for your event: You may choose buffet service, table service or family-style service. All options require advance orders.

Many wonderful German and European specialty foods are available to combine and create the perfect meal for your group.
We feature a fine international selection of wines, beers and beverages to complement your food and event.


Field Green Salad with Cherry Vinaigrette
Fresh greens and vegetables are tossed in a homemade, tangy dressing. $6.25

Lentil & Spätzel Salad
Cooked lentils, Black Forest spätzel, parsley and red onion are tossed in a lemon-garlic dressing and served atop field greens. $10.00

Liver Paté
One serving of creamy, savory paté with onion, tomato, hard boiled egg, and rye bread. $3.50

Pretzel with Obatzta
A house-made soft pretzel is served warm with a spicy cheese spread. $2.50

Vegetrianisches Essen

Onion Tart
Slowly caramelized onions provide all the flavor here. A generous slice of onion tart is accompanied by a small green salad. $18.00

Vegetable Strudel
Filled with vegetables and a little cream cheese, a slice of this savory strudel is topped with Romesco sauce. Served with a small green salad. $18.00

Spätzel & Cheese Casserole
Kid friendly comfort food! Our own spätzel noodles are smothered in Mornay sauce and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. $13.75

Hühner und Fische Essen

Sautéed Chicken with Mushrooms
Bite-sized pieces of light and dark meat chicken are sautéed with white wine, cream, and mushrooms, and served with spätzel and red cabbage. $23.00

Salmon Steak
A generous cut of salmon is oven baked and served with boiled potatoes and broccoli. $27.50

Rindfleisch und Schweinefleisch

Bratwurst Dinner
Our most popular meal! Two links of handmade bratwurst are accompanied by warm potato salad and mildly seasoned sauerkraut. $23.00

Beef is long marinated in a vinegar brine, roasted, sliced and served in a tangy gravy. It’s unique and delicious and served with spätzel and red cabbage. $33.00

Beef Rouladen
A celebration worthy meal! Thin slices of top round beef are wrapped around pickle, carrot, onion and mustard, braised in red wine and served under gravy with spätzel and red cabbage. $30.00

Veal Stew
Organic veal pieces and wild mushrooms in a savory gravy, served with spätzel and red cabbage. $25.00

Paprika Schnitzel
Pan-fried pork schnitzel in a bacon, onion, sour cream and paprika gravy; served with spätzel and red cabbage. $22.00


Apple Strudel
Our signature dessert! Sliced apples with almonds, raisins, cinnamon and sugar are rolled in a flaky dough, and served by the slice with fresh whipped cream. $6.00

Sacher Bar
Decadent Sacher Torte, in a small bite! A small bar of flourless chocolate cake, apricot confiture and rich ganache. $5.00

Sheet cake - by the slice
Price per square of your choice of Black Forest Cherry cake, Devil’s Food cake, German Chocolate cake, or Carrot cake. $4.00

Special occasion and presentation cakes also available.