Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Sweets To Go

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**Prices effective as of April 11, 2018**

Whether you've had a cookie with your lunch in the deli or a slice of our Black Forest Torte after a meal in the restaurant, you know that our handmade sweets add a special touch to any meal! But did you know that all of your favorite desserts here could also add that special touch to your meals and celebrations at home?

Our professional staff makes fresh baked goods every day. They are available to take home on an "as available" basis or the dessert of your choice can be special ordered in any quantity.

Classics from the restaurant menu:
Whole Cakes, Tortes and Strudel

**We request 24 hours advance notice on these special order items**

Apple Strudel $38.00
Apples, almonds, raisins, cinnamon and sugar, rolled up in our own flaky dough and baked.

Black Forest Cherry Torte $43.00
Four layers of chocolate cake, filled with buttercream and cherries.

Carrot Cake $38.00
A traditional moist, spicy cake chock full of carrots and topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

Sacher Torte $43.00
A flourless chocolate almond torte with apricot preserves and smooth chocolate ganache icing.

Devils Food Cake $38.00
Two layers of rich, moist cake topped with white buttercream frosting.

Hazelnut Torte $43.00
Chocolate buttercream frosting tops this light, nutty, flourless cake, layered with frosting and raspberry preserves.

Specialties and Seasonal Favorites

**We request 48 hours advance notice on these special order items**

Dobos Torte $38.00
Seven layers of white spongecake filled with chocolate buttercream frosting are covered in rich chocolate ganache.

KĂ„sekuchen $38.00
A mild, creamy cheesecake made with Quark - German style fresh cheese made on site - which gives it its characteristic tanginess. Also available in a variety of flavors including dark & white chocolate, pumpkin, raspberry or white chocolate apricot!

Linzer Tart $38.00
A raspberry filled tart with a ground nut crust. It's great with whipped cream!

German's Chocolate Cake $43.00
A popular chocolate cake with a coconut-pecan topping.

Bienenstich $38.00
Two layers of a substantial white cake sandwich a layer of pastry cream. The cake is topped with a honey glaze and garnished with almonds.