Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Join us for OKTOBERFEST 2017!

Every night's fun shows up here the next day. Join us and you could see yourself!
Come to The Black Forest Inn during Oktoberfest, and join in the fun!!
Show us your pictures!!!


Prost! The Return of the Giant Pretzel! Giant Pretzel of the Stars! The Matterhorn Trio! The Return of the Giant Pretzel! Sven Sundgard vs the Giant Pretzel! Jim ten Bensel! Jim & Ron meet the Giant Pretzel! Alphorns! The Return of the Giant Pretzel! Care to join me in a Giant Pretzel?

Night 1 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Prost! Night

Ceremonial Keg Tapping & restaurant-wide toast!

Live music! Alphorns!
The Matterhorn Trio in our beer garden!

The night of the Giant Pretzel!




Tie The Knot Night! you take this giant pretzel...? Bubbly prize winners! Black Walnut Stomp in the garden! It's not a party without a tuba! An atmosphere of love - and pretzels! Winner of a ball & chain! We can make a nice pilaf with this! Pretty in pink! Black Walnut Stomp in the house! Time for some wedding cake!

Night 2 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Tie the Knot Night

All day weddings!

Get married!

Renew your vows!

Celebrate your anniversary!

Live music with Black Walnut Stomp!

An atmosphere of love!

We will school you in German! More beer please! Mark Stillman on accordion! You have to eat the whole thing! Can you say that in German? Pretzels of all sizes! No more little pretzels for this happy couple! Dan Turpening and a happy fan! Two-fisted Schells fan! Three-fisted Schells fan! Lucky winner of beer for a year! If only all beers were this big!

Night 3 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Is Your German Better Than a 5th Grader's?

Kids who speak German!

Mark Stillman on accordion!

Dan Turpening on accordion!

Practice your German!

Be challenged by a 5th grader!

Schell’s Night!

Summit Night! Mark Stillman in the house! Who is behind the giant pretzel? The Brat Bar is open! Nothing brings friends together like a giant pretzel! Everyone loves a tuba! Another happy giant pretzel lover! Summit beer and giant pretzels - a winning combination!

Night 4 of Oktoberfest 2017:
The Wurst Night of Oktoberfest

The Brat Bar!

Mark Stillman on accordion!

Summit Night!



Reunification Night! Rockin' out with Dale and Samuel Dahmen! A piece of the Berlin Wall! Dale and Samuel raise a toast to Oktoberfest!

Night 5 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Reunification Day

Reunification cards!

Dale and Samuel Dahmen
on accordion and concertina!

Gift Certificates!

Win a piece of the Berlin Wall!

Re-unified dining!

Yodeling Night! Stiegl Night! Eric Ray and Jim Strehlke! Young pretzel fan! Beer, please! Stiegl prize mugs! Yodeling critters! Another pretzel fan! Eric and Jim serenade the dining crowd!

Night 6 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Yodeling Night

Yodeling karoke!

Beer yodels!

Alpine-style Yodeling!

Dumpling Night! Surly Night! Let's have some music! Oktoberfest wear! Dumplings for all! Surly Hoff! Dumplin’ Chunkin’! Hanging out with the Hoff!! Accordions! Tubas! Oktoberfest! ...whatever will be...will be!

Night 7 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Dumpling Night

Dumplin' Chunkin'!

Live music!

Fluffy Dumplings!

Hearty Dumplings!

Dessert Dumplings!

Surly Night!

Magic and mystery in the biergarden! Classic Oktoberfest kitchen attire! Go ahead... have a sip! Best photo frame ever! Now we're having a party! The latest in Oktoberfest fashion! The only hat to wear to Oktoberfest! Do you think there's enough for all of us?

Night 8 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Grimm Night

Magic and mystery!

Andy McCormick on accordion!

Witches and monsters!

Dry ice in the fountain!

Pumpcorn in the garden! Paulaner Night! Pumpcorn in the house! A happy Paulaner prize winner! A toast to Oktoberfest!

Night 9 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Fake German Accent Night

Actors roaming around!

Live music from Pumpcorn!

Fake German accents!


Paulaner Night!

Drain The Keg Night! Ready to ring out the final night of Oktoberfest! Celebrating 60 years with The Hoff! Another happy prize winner! Mark Stillman on the accordion! Another lucky prize winner! Everyone's a winner when it's Oktoberfest! The sound of another drained keg! That's all, folks! The end of another fun-filled Oktoberfest!

Night 10 of Oktoberfest 2017:
Drain the Keg Night

18 Beers on tap!

Beer prices drop!

Mark Stillman on accordion!


Get the Boot!