Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis MN

Join us for OKTOBERFEST 2018!

Every night's fun shows up here the next day. Join us and you could see yourself!
Come to The Black Forest Inn during Oktoberfest, and join in the fun!!
Show us your pictures!!!


Tapping the keg! Who wants beer! Fresh from the oven! Pretzels! Games! Let's have some music!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 1:
Toast Night!

Ceremonial Keg Tapping!

Restaurant-wide toast!

The Giant Pretzel!


Live Music!

Wedding Day! Look at the size of that pretzel! What a happy couple! Look who's tying the knot! Do you take this pretzel...? One more time! A love! Go, Team Bride! Have some cake! There's plenty of cake for everyone!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 2:
Tie the Knot Night!

All day weddings!

Get married!

Renew your vows!

Celebrate your anniversary!

An atmosphere of love!

Let's have some music! Angela Merkel! Matt Meyer and a fan! Black Forest Rocks! Danke Schoen, Angela!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 3:
Angela Merkel Night!

Matt Meyer on accordion!

Ayinger Night!

Angela Merkel!

Local brewery schwag! Mark Stillman! The Brat Bar! Re-unified dining! A toast to Oktoberfest! Another toast! One more toast! The toast to end all toasts! Schells! That's a lot of Schells!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 4:
The Wurst Night!

The Brat Bar!

Mark Stillman on accordion!



Schnapps raffle! Something mysterious is brewing.... Mark Stillman! Look at the size of that pretzel! Are you ready for this? Bring on the Schnapps! Schnapps flight! A lucky Schnapps winner! Another happy winner! A pair of winners! So many choices...!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 5:
Schnapps Night!

Schnapps prizes!

Mark Stillman on accordion!

Get the boot! The Brat Bar! Andy McCormick! A piece of The Berlin Wall! Another winner! And yet another lucky winner! A really big prize! Everyone is a winner! Got Schells? Mmmm.... pretzels and beer! Get in my belly!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 6:
Reunification Day!

Re-unified dining!

Andy McCormick!

The Brat Bar!

Andy McCormick and Philip Pontondy! Summit schwag! We've got a catapult...! Bring on the dumplings! Beer flights! Mmm...dumplings + Summit! We have a winner! Another happy Summit winner! Re-unified dining! A pretzel selfie!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 7:
Dumpling Night!

Dumplin' Chunkin'!

Live music!

Fluffy Dumplings!

Hearty Dumplings!

Dessert Dumplings!

A lucky Pub Pass winner! Another lucky Pub Pass winner! A surly winner! Pretzel for three! Surly schwag! Faeries and beer! Red Riding Hood! Dan Turpening! Red and the Wolf! Ayinger winners! An Apple for Grandmother! The Raven!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 8:
Grimm Night!

Magic and mystery!

Witches and monsters!

Dry ice in the fountain!

Andy McCormick and His Accordion! Utepils Brewing is in the house! Ooh-Ta-Pilz! Krautrock with Zodiak Berlin! A couple of happy Pub Pass winners! Who will be the next winner? At the bar! Behind the bar! Another happy Pub Pass winner! Late night in the Banquet Space

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 9:
Berliner Night!

Krautrock with Zodiak Berlin!

Andy McCormick!


Utepils Night!

Who's ready to drink some beer? The sounding of the gong! Counting down the kegs! Another exciting Oktoberfest! Keg down! Mark Stillman and His Accordion! Here's to Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest 2018
Night 10:
Drain the Keg Night!

18 Beers on tap!

Beer prices drop!

Mark Stillman on accordion!


Get the Boot!